Document management providers on the challenges of policy management in higher ed

What is the biggest policy management challenge that you see for higher ed institutions, and what would you say to a campus official feeling overwhelmed by the task of facing the challenge?

“Hands down, it’s communication—making up-to-date policies accessible to a large readership in the way people expect it today: on the go, on their mobile devices, fully searchable, 508 compliant. Common complaints: People can’t find what they need, and getting updates out and tracking readership is overwhelming. Outdated methods and tools are the problem. Better solutions exist for today’s challenges.” —Teresa Tarwater, vice president, COMPROSE Inc.

“The biggest challenge in policy management is staying ahead of constant change. To keep everyone aligned, it’s important to rely on software technology that enables a centralized, collaborative process. Pick a technology solution that can automate manual tasks, such as distribution and version control, so that you can spend more time keeping up with new and changing regulations.” —Marty Vanderploeg, CEO, Workiva

“Prioritization and consistency. There are hundreds if not thousands of policies across campus. However, institutions can review and revise or advance business policies with assessments of each policy’s volume and risk to guide prioritization. Through integration of key campus systems with ECM, institutions gain the agility to affect business processes, seamlessly connect departments, and ensure consistency during policy creation, distribution and maintenance.” —Andrew Daniel, vice president of sales and strategy, Softdocs

 “Recent events such as the #MeToo movement and the college admissions scandal will lead to more scrutiny in higher education policy management. While keeping a balance between policy accountability and operational efficiency, campus officials should consider an agile mechanism that can track, monitor and reinforce policies. The key to success is transparent communications coupled with smart system design.” —Linda Ding, director of strategic marketing, Laserfiche

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