Heather Kerrigan

4 steps to effective personalized student loan counseling

Prospective and current students, as well as alumni, need guidance from their institutions in being responsible about taking out student loans and then paying them back.

Case study: †¨How Drexel addresses labor shortages

Drexel University in Philadelphia is taking care of staff-level positions beyond the skilled trades.

Facing and minimizing facilities staff shortages

Four ways to address the shortage of trades workers and other facilities employees on campus today (and tomorrow). Campus leaders can choose the best routes to take based on their institution’s culture, location, needs and goals.

Insuring items on loan and in transit

Valuables aren’t always permanent fixtures on a university campus. Some may be on loan from an individual or another institution. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be insured.

Buying insurance for campus valuables: 5 considerations

Colleges and universities must protect their rare art, books and other collections in the event of damage or loss.

Document management providers on the challenges of policy management in higher ed

“Hands down, it’s communication—making up-to-date policies accessible to a large readership in the way people expect it today: on the go, on their mobile devices,...

6 steps to better policy process

Policy management process tends to involve a set of critical components. These six related steps are important for administrators on a policy cleanup mission.

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