College students skeptical of crackdown on critical race theory

By: | July 2, 2021

Nearly half of college Republicans support public schools teaching about institutional racism — and six in 10 don’t think state legislatures should be able to stop it —according to a new Generation Lab/Axios poll.

Why it matters: The findings suggest that younger, educated Republicans think much differently about racism and academic freedom than GOP-led state legislatures seeking to censor the teaching of critical race theory.

By the numbers: 93% of college students overall — including 73% of college Republicans — say their high school’s curriculum was flawed for focusing insufficiently, rather than too much, on the impact of racism on U.S. history.

  • 82% of college students overall say public schools should teach “that patterns of racism are ingrained in law and other institutions” — including 97% of Democrats, 74% of independents and 46% of Republicans.
  • 77% of college students overall say that state legislatures should not be able to limit how public schools or universities teach history.

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