California Gov. Newsom raises UC Berkeley enrollment cap

The dispute comes as California’s public universities receive a surge of applications, now two years removed from the start of the pandemic.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed emergency legislation to allow the University of California-Berkeley to circumvent a court order that would have forced thousands of students off campus or out of school altogether.

The California Supreme Court last week refused to lift an enrollment cap at the state’s flagship public university, imposed by a lower court last year that would have required the school to conduct an examination of the impact the growing number of students moving to the area was having on homelessness and housing.

A Berkeley neighborhood group had brought a lawsuit against the school accusing it of failing to properly take into account the environmental impacts of the growing student population. University administrators worried that the order would have forced it to cut admissions to students who would attend school in person by 2,600 slots.

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