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Stefanie Botelho

student athlete success centers
College and university leaders can create a diverse and inclusive campus by re-examining data that shows who is paying for college.
Prosecutors in the college admissions scandal case say some students were admitted at elite schools based on falsified test scores and athletic credentials.
The original fifteen fictitious people created by Hope College administrators in 2015 still help the web team optimize the school’s site for different types of users. This helped Hope officials create one of the best college website designs.
Consider attending these spring higher ed conferences and events—from the Annual Capitol Forum on Hispanic Higher Education to UBTech 2019. ( fstop123)
“I believe we are here to impact as many lives around the world as we can, [and be] a model for others, inspire others,” says Marc Levin, who now leads MUIH.
A North Carolina House bill, which includes the funding, does not specify how it will be divided across the UNC System.
Thomas S. Hibbs will be the first alum to lead Dallas’ Roman Catholic university.
Mark Thompson will lead Boston’s Wentworth Institute after serving for 21 years as an executive at Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University.
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper says the state bond proposal is a way to invest in better schools from kindergarten through college as well as to improve other critical infrastructure.
Columbia International University President Mark Smith is on track to become a member of South Carolina’s higher ed oversight body, representing the state’s 23 private colleges.
Philip A. Glotzbach, Skidmore’s seventh president, will leave his post at the end of the 2019-20 academic year.
sexual harassment investigation
How Gulf Coast State paid out $800,000 for emergency building repairs after Hurricane Michael.