Mark Rowh

New wrinkles in performance reviews

Many higher ed institutions are moving away from the use of paper forms and some are requiring brief “check-ins” online to improve the employee evaluation process for efficiency and effectiveness.

How IT leaders can help colleagues across campus be more receptive to change

IT leaders must embrace an inclusive approach to ensure their colleagues understand the benefits of technology change and become more receptive to it.

3 reasons to add GPS technology to campus fleets

Colleges and universities are investing in GPS fleet management solutions, which offer not only basic mapping and location functions, but also robust telematics such as speed alerts, ignition status, idle times and other types of monitoring.

Voice technology commands a place in higher ed

Growing campus uses for voice-enabled tech emerge as administrators realize the promise these smart speakers offer, in areas such as instruction and residential life

Campus security: Helping the college community using GIS and IPS

4 answers administrators need about how geographic information systems and indoor positioning systems can help keep campuses safe

Visible vs. invisible: GIS and IPS for campus security

Making decisions about whether everyone should know about geographic information systems and indoor positioning systems being used by safety officers

UWEC creates Rapid Action Task Forces

Changes in academic programs are often precipitated by budget crises. But when faced with a 16 percent reduction in state appropriations in 2015, the...

5 change management strategies for higher ed programs

Here are five change management strategies that administrators can use when leading faculty through academic program eliminations and additions.

Faculty hiring: 4 trends to follow

The seemingly routine process of hiring faculty also presents campus leaders with ample opportunities for innovation. As higher ed institutions strive to take full advantage of the talents brought by incoming faculty, some variations to long-standing practices are taking root. Here are four emerging and continuing hiring trends worth following throughout 2019.

5 keys to navigating change in higher ed programs

Managing change may be part of the job description for any higher ed administrator, but it’s seldom easy. And nowhere is this more evident than...

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