Arbitrator rules terminated UCF professor must be reinstated

Dr. Charles Negy was fired in 2021 for alleged misconduct, harassment and discrimination.

University of Central Florida Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Charles Negy is to be reinstated after an abrupt termination last year involving claims of misconduct.

After being fired, he took his case to an arbitrator, who ruled in his favor. Article 16.7 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement notes a tenured appointment, or any appointment of definite duration may be terminated during its term for just cause.

The arbitration award stated the university violated article 16.7 (of the collective bargaining agreement) in that there was not just cause to terminate Dr. Negy on January 29, 2021. It says the remedy is full reinstatement, with tenure, compensation and benefits fully restored to that in effect as of the termination date.

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