Admissions and marketing: 4 bloggers to follow

Here are a few marketing and admissions blog websites written by and for professionals in this area.

Regular University Business contributor Karine Joly brings “news, tips and, hopefully, some good ideas for people taking care of websites and online marketing in colleges and universities.” Recent posts look at how higher ed content is created, include tips for analytics reports, and offer social media inspiration.

Bob Johnson’s Blog on Higher Education Marketing

In addition to his longtime higher ed marketing newsletter, independent consultant Bob Johnson makes admissions blog posts weekly about new applications, institutional websites, incoming student task lists, social media topics and more. He also shares his expertise from over two decades in the higher ed marketing arena.


Mike Richwalsky, principal at Gas Mark 8—a creative marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio, that works with nonprofits, higher ed institutions and small businesses—focuses on the technical side of marketing and web development. Higher ed subject areas include digital marketing, video production, cloud usage and social media.

Digital Leadership in Higher Education

Higher ed consultant, educator, researcher and author Josie Ahlquist provides “a digital remix” for education leaders, writing about digital leadership, social media strategy, student digital identity and classroom tech, among other subjects. Recent posts have examined social media strategies for student affairs offices and digital engagement advice for community colleges.

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