Youngkin wants college presidents to hire faculty with ‘diverse political perspectives’

The Virginia governor urges leaders to undertake a tough review of staffing, overhead costs, academic majors and course offerings.

On the eve of graduation ceremonies for Virginia’s public colleges and universities, Gov. Glenn Youngkin told their presidents this week that he expects them to promote free speech on campus and hire faculty and other staff “with diverse political perspectives.”

Youngkin sent the five-page letter to the Council of Presidents, making clear his expectations on a range of cultural issues important to his conservative political base — from in-person instruction during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to creation of lab schools as a kind of charter school outside of traditional K-12 public education.

He also asked them to keep tuition flat during the next academic year, an issue that is part of the ongoing state budget negotiations between the House of Delegates and Senate, which traditionally disagree with each other over state intrusions into the prerogatives of the boards of visitors that govern colleges and universities.

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