WOW News: College pays student to innovate

And a North Carolina school furnishes dorms for internationals
By: | Issue: December, 2014
November 16, 2014

Paying students to explore entrepreneurial ideas: Hope College in Michigan pays students $10 an hour for up to 10 hours a week when they enroll in entrepreneurial programs offered by its Center for Faithful Leadership (CFL).

In the CFL Incubator course, students create ideas for businesses and products; in the consulting track, future entrepreneurs help solve problems at established firms. Students also are encouraged to apply for outside start-up funds, and have so far raised over $80,000. One product developed in the program is RingCam, a camera that fits in engagement-ring boxes.

Getting internationals’ dorms ready

International students at Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C., arrive on move-in day to fully furnished dorm rooms—provided the students are F1 visa holders traveling straight to Meredith for their first fall semester from overseas.

While their domestic peers often have families and moving vans to assist in arrival, internationals may be left to fend for themselves—which can make for a rocky transition and impact retention. Meredith provides linens, pillows, lamps, towels, toiletries, rugs and other items, relieving internationals of the scramble to find furnishings and essential supplies to help them settle in. About 3.5 percent of Meredith’s students are internationals.

College free in Germany, even if you’re not German

A compelling wrinkle to the news that Germany has made college completely free is that “free” also applies to all internationals, including Americans.

And learning to speak German is not a requirement. The Washington Post reports German universities offer about 900 degree programs in English and lists several other countries where Americans can study, in English, at no cost—or very little cost.