Why it pays to think outside the box on COVID-19 tests (subscription)

Last year, when the National Football League decided to stage its season in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it went all-in on testing. The league tested all players and personnel before they reported for summer training camp, and continued near-daily testing in the months that followed. Between Aug. 1 and the Super Bowl in early February, the N.F.L. administered almost one million tests to players and staff.

Many other organizations have sought safety in mass testing. The University of Illinois is testing its students, faculty and staff twice a week and has conducted more than 1.6 million tests since July. Major corporations, from Amazon to Tyson Foods, have rolled out extensive testing programs for their own employees.

Now, a new analysis suggests that schools, businesses and other organizations that want to keep themselves safe should think beyond strictly themselves. By dedicating a substantial proportion of their tests to people in the surrounding community, institutions could reduce the number of Covid-19 cases among their members by as much as 25 percent, researchers report in a new paper, which has not yet been published in a scientific journal.

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