What should a college or university consider when looking for a new SIS?

“Look for a system that is very easy to use and easily adopted. I would want to make sure the new SIS could be easily connected to the fundraising system, housing system and admission system. I’d look for the SIS to become the core of our operation and make sure everything can easily be integrated with it.”

—Jack Chen, CIO, Adelphi University

“Mobile access is something that students expect, so when you’re thinking about developing or purchasing an SIS, I think it’s certainly important—especially when your student population includes a large percentage of commuters.”

—W. Lee Hisle, Vice President for Information Services and College Librarian, Connecticut College

“I think it’s incredibly important that students are involved in the selection process. Why not have the people who are going to be users of the product actually pick it? To have them involved every step of the way will save you time and money and help smooth the transition.”

—Matthew Bonilla, vice president of student administrative services, Touro College and University System


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