University health systems invest in telehealth services

By: | Issue: May, 2018
April 20, 2018

A handful of university medical centers around the country offer telemedicine services to the broader community.

Typically, these services are designed to provide options for people who live in remote areas and tend to have less access to health specialists.

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East Carolina University Telemedicine Center: Started in 1992 and one of the longest-running  telemedicine operations in the nation. The university’s psychiatrists developed operational telepsychiatry guidelines now used nationally. The center’s telepsychiatry program works to connect 80 or more hospital emergency departments across the state to provide assessments and consultations to patients using telemedicine.

University of Mississippi Medical Center: Partners with nursing homes, colleges and mental health clinics to deliver care from psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals. In addition, wellness programs for businesses, K12 schools and colleges use tablet computers and online video appointments to help people better manage their health.

Telehealth at University of Utah Health: Connects the university’s experts to providers and patients in the Mountain West region and beyond. Telebehavioral health services include crisis evaluations and traditional psychiatric evaluation/medication management through interactive videoconferencing tools. Employees can access virtual visits at no charge, while others pay a flat fee.

Theresa Sullivan Barger is a Connecticut-based writer.