Three higher ed tech companies combine to create Anthology

With 14 cloud-based solutions from Campus Management, Campus Labs and iModules, the newly formed company has products that support the entire student lifecycle.

Campus Management, Campus Labs and iModules have merged and will be known as Anthology. “We like to think of this as the collection of the best, as the word ‘anthology’ implies,” says Jim Milton, CEO.

Previously CEO and director of Campus Management, Milton adds that it is notable there is no overlap between the applications all three companies bring to colleges and universities. “Having been in the tech world for approaching 40 years now, it’s rare that you have that kind of situation.”

Anthology’s combined technology footprint in higher education includes more than 2,100 unique institutions in over 30 countries with 14 cloud-based solutions that support the entire student lifecycle. The mix, Milton says, will allow colleges and universities to maintain a presence in the “birth to bequest pipeline,” with access to data and analytics on children of alumni from their entry into the world onward to, ideally, those children becoming alumni themselves who support the school for the rest of their lives. “We can deliver on that almost holy grail of the single view of a learner,” he adds.

However, customers will not be expected to adopt only Anthology solutions. “Our intention is to be heterogeneous and play within the existing ecosystem,” Milton says. In fact, there is “not currently a huge amount of overlap” among colleges with solutions from the individual companies, which announced a major partnership earlier this year and have already been working together in various ways, he explains.

Higher ed clients may, however, find themselves at the same user conference event in the future. “All three have had their own, and all three either moved to virtual or were delayed this year,” Milton says, adding that it’s possible they will combine events to keep the affinity front and center. For attendees working in various corners of campuses, “it’s important that we start to break down those silos within institutions,” Milton says. “What happens in the alumni area, for example, affects other parts of the institution, not the least of which is revenue streams.”

With nearly 1,400 employees worldwide, Anthology is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with offices in Buffalo, New York and Kansas City, Missouri, as well as in India, London and Brazil. Although the situation is fluid in terms of actual office space needed because of the shift to remote environments due to the pandemic, Milton anticipates keeping all of the offices open.

Regarding client contact, ensuring preserved relationships with current client success teams are a priority, Milton says. “We need to make sure that 1+1+1 is equal to three.”

Melissa Ezarik is senior managing editor of UB. 

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