Texas A&M launches state’s largest-ever fundraising bid

University hopes to raise $4 billion for research, facilities and scholarships
By: | Issue: December, 2015
November 16, 2015

Texas A&M University’s campaign to raise $4 billion for research, facilities and scholarships represents the largest-ever fundraising effort in a state known for going big. It’s also the second largest effort announced by a higher education institution.

The “Lead By Example” initiative, scheduled to run through 2020, will allow the university to recruit and retain more internationally recognized faculty researchers, to offer more scholarships to students, and to upgrade facilities and technology. Funds will also support the university’s athletic programs.

The university currently invests about $850 million a year in research. The new funds will power Texas A&M’s work to solve a variety of “real-world” problems, Texas A&M President Michael K. Young said in a news release.

“Academics alone don’t make leaders,” Young said. “We instill leadership qualities in our students through transformative opportunities to work alongside professors in research with real-world impact.”