undergraduate enrollment

Undergraduate enrollment climbs for first time since the pandemic, despite freshmen drop-off

While this is the first time overall undergraduate enrollment is up post-pandemic, public and private nonprofit four-year institutions seeking freshmen students must take this data with a grain of salt, according to preliminary data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

Fresh student enrollment data suggests “encouraging” recovery

As colleges continue treading past pandemic lows, new data suggests a light at the end of the tunnel for undergraduate enrollment., graduate enrollment steadies.

How to make a stronger case for the ROI of a college degree

Declining enrollment is one reason it's more important than ever for institutions to provide the ROI for why today's students should pursue a college degree.

Is betting big on graduate school enrollment growth a major risk for higher ed?

It's been a bright spot for many universities in recent years, but leaders may not be able to hang all their financial hopes on continued growth. 

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