Driving Institutional Success Through Data Analytics

Using data to inform strategic decision-making

Practical data tools and analytics strategies enable institutions to make more effective decisions, gain clearer visibility into finances, gauge long-term sustainability, and use insight to drive institutional and student success. 

Attend this webinar to hear a leader from Baker College in Michigan discuss how her school is leveraging data analytics across finance and other departments. Attendees will learn best practices for building an effective analytics strategy and hear real-world success stories about turning complex data into actionable insights.

Topics will include:

  • Using analytics to eliminate reliance on guesswork and enable true data-driven decision-making
  • Using data to uncover and address new and emerging challenges on campus 
  • Current and practical uses of analytics in higher education today, as well as the vision for analytics in 2020 and beyond

Scheduled speakers:

Kim Shaheen

Director of Enterprise Application Services

Baker College (Mich.)

Meghan Turjanica

Analytics Product Manager


Who will benefit:

Higher ed leaders interested in data analytics or institutional success. Anyone may attend.

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