How one coaching program connects leaders to students in a lonely world

"The ability to connect with another human to bounce ideas off of is going to become even more important when an increasing percent of the internet is auto generated," says Casey Clark, a dean at Western Governors University who recently earned his coaching certification.

Community is the cure: Combatting online learning’s loneliness epidemic

The challenge lies not in the medium but in how it's structured. Institutions can do more to foster the essential communal aspects of traditional learning to combat the loneliness of remote learning.

The 5 main reasons students seek mental health counseling

"Knowing the trends of what's going on with students can help inform them on their initiatives, what to bring onto their campus and what resources to promote," says Erin Andrews, Uwill's Director of Clinical Affairs.

Study: Limiting student social media use to 30 minutes lowers depression and boosts outlook

These survey results come two weeks after the U.S. Surgeon General testified before a Senate Health, Labor and Pensions Panel advising social media to be given a warning label due to its contribution to youth mental health becoming “the defining public health issue of our time.”

As parents and students prioritize mental health, higher education must respond

In order to achieve your incoming class goals, you must address scaling mental health solutions to your campus.

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