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Campus protests have strong student support. What about hate speech?

It may not surprise higher ed leaders that students overwhelmingly back pro-Palestinian campus protests. What may be startling is a poll that shows how some college students feel about hate speech and violence.

The 3 presidents facing faculty backlash for stamping out protests

As presidents ratchet up their measures to snuff campus protests, utilizing law enforcement and threats of suspension and arrest, faculty are increasingly becoming more disdainful toward their institutional leadership. 

Colleges, universities feature prominently in the top 10 worst censors of 2024

In six of the 10 spots, at least one college or university was flagged for chilling faculty speech, impeding the rights of LGBTQ+ persons and a slew of other aggressions, in FIRE's latest "10 Worst Censors" list.

Free speech watchdogs find 2-year uptick in restrictive free speech codes on campus

“This is not an anomaly: Free speech in higher education is getting worse,” said Laura Beltz, director of policy reform at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.

To what extent is this chancellor’s First Amendment rights protected? Experts weigh in

Former University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow has been let go of his duties as chancellors after the academic community discovered pornographic content online featuring him and his wife. Gow and his wife accuse the university of violating his free speech.

University of Austin, the self-proclaimed antidote to college campus ‘illiberalism,’ is now accepting fall 2024 applications

UATX has raised $200 million in two years from over 2,500 donors, with gifts larger than $100,000 coming from over 100 funder, The Texas Tribune reports.

As sparks continue to fly on campuses, how can colleges uphold free speech?

Free speech advocates' calls to uphold open debate on college campuses is intersecting with a rise in verbal and physical violence against Jewish and Muslim students. Who can leaders rely on to help revive civil dialogue?

Of 250 institutions analyzed, why did Harvard University rank last in free speech?

Harvard University, currently ranked 9th and 6th on Forbes' and The Wall Street Journal's latest college rankings, is the only institution to have received an "Abysmal" speech climate rating in FIRE's 2024 College Free Speech Rankings.

Good news! Current students believe their degree is worth the cost

The driving factor leading to public and private nonprofit institutions students' high regard for their degree is their trust that it adequately prepares them for life after college.

Speech-related punishment against scholars in last 3 years nearly equals last 20

Political, race-related and gender-related expression surrounding major national headlines has catalyzed a surge of sanction attempts from 2016 onward. Almost two-thirds of sanction attempts resulted in sanction, including 225 terminations.

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