Enrollment Management

Create better enrollment outcomes by breaking down department barriers

When different departments can unite their visions, break down silos and form an overall strategy, it forms a positive work culture.

Surprising K12 enrollment declines are trickling up into higher ed

College leaders must prepare for long-term challenges after an unexpected 2% downturn in K12 enrollment foreshadows fewer students making it to their institutions.

Is betting big on graduate school enrollment growth a major risk for higher ed?

It's been a bright spot for many universities in recent years, but leaders may not be able to hang all their financial hopes on continued growth. 

3 ways community college presidents can navigate an uncertain future

While history suggests community college enrollments increase in times of crisis, the reality in the age of COVID-19 is very different.

Your New Year’s guide to closing fall enrollment

Enrollment managers can maximize marketing and admissions success by planning targeted campaigns throughout the year.

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