campus protests

Campus protests have strong student support. What about hate speech?

It may not surprise higher ed leaders that students overwhelmingly back pro-Palestinian campus protests. What may be startling is a poll that shows how some college students feel about hate speech and violence.

Commencement season is being ruffled by student protests. Which campuses are affected?

From disinvited speakers to canceled commencement ceremonies, here are some of the latest clashes from the past weekend, as well as a forecast of turbulence to come.

How these colleges successfully de-escalated campus protests

Several institutions have found ways to sooth student frustrations without calling in law enforcement, a strategy which risks emboldening protestors and casting a dark shadow on a university's image.

The 3 presidents facing faculty backlash for stamping out protests

As presidents ratchet up their measures to snuff campus protests, utilizing law enforcement and threats of suspension and arrest, faculty are increasingly becoming more disdainful toward their institutional leadership. 

The divestment problem: Colleges now face a financial bind

Calls for divestment in Israel are fueling protests nationwide, but institutions' commitment to financial security is creating an uncomfortable ethical quandary.

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