Access and Affordability

Pennsylvania’s 3 big pillars to overhaul the state higher education system

The new strategy may have arrived in the nick of time: Over the past decade, Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) enrollment has dropped 30% and community college enrollment has decreased by 37%, according to officials.

Surprising K12 enrollment declines are trickling up into higher ed

College leaders must prepare for long-term challenges after an unexpected 2% downturn in K12 enrollment foreshadows fewer students making it to their institutions.

Is your college following the 10 best practices for financial aid transparency?

The Government Accountability Office has found that 90% of colleges "understate or don't include the net price" in financial aid offers.

100+ colleges got an “A” for scholarship transparency. Is yours among them?

About 650 schools were graded based on the clarity of requirements and award amounts, as well as consistency in the application process. Colleges face no transparency requirements in issuing merit-based scholarships, "leaving each college to decide how upfront or opaque it wants to be," according to the CAP Report Card released by College Aid Pro.

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