S.D. House passes Gov. Kristi Noem’s bills aiming to ban ‘divisive concepts’

Although neither bill refers explicitly to critical race theory, her campaign has touted it in their passage.

The South Dakota House of Representatives passed two bills Tuesday that lawmakers said they hope will limit teaching and training on critical race theory.

CRT is a theory created by legal scholars and educators in the 1970s that argues racism is a common experience faced by non-white people in the U.S., that racism is institutional and that it benefits white people. Top education officials in the state have said CRT largely isn’t taught in K-12 or higher education in South Dakota.

While neither bill refers explicitly to CRT, Gov. Kristi Noem’s campaign Twitter account touted the governor’s two bills passing in the House to ban CRT from K-12 classrooms and higher education. “South Dakota children deserve an education, not indoctrination,” Noem said.

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