Providers on beacon technology in higher ed

“How much does higher ed seem to be using beacon technology now, and what needs to happen for wider adoption to occur?”

“Beacon technology for location services in higher education is rapidly increasing in adoption. Wireless connectivity and additional mobile network services have become key drivers for students in the college-decision process, and universities are rapidly realizing location services’ value in attracting and retaining top students. Providing an interactive and intuitive mobile app that leverages beacons for location is the key to wider adoption.”
—Tim Vanevenhoven, senior solutions marketing manager, location services, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

“We see growing usage of beacons on higher ed campuses for monitoring student traffic and flow, wayfinding, check-in and attendance taking, and ‘couponing’ at the campus bookstore. Adoption will grow as more Wi-Fi access points have beacons built in and more off-the-shelf app software is available.”
—Bob Nilsson, director of solutions marketing, Extreme Networks

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“Beacons have found their way onto the university campus. The most common applications help new students navigate campus buildings where GPS is not an option, and address security concerns by allowing students to report suspicious activities with the location captured by beacons. Broader adoption requires a killer app; one that helps students reach their educational goals and enjoy the college experience safely and conveniently.”
—Curtis Patrick, principal architect, software development and applied research, Ellucian

Lynn Freehill-Maye is a writer who lives in Beacon, New York.


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