Pa. State System overhauls its university funding formula. What happens next?

That leaves the legislature with a choice: Revision rests on a near-historic increase in state aid to the 14 campuses.

Pennsylvania’s state university system overhauled the way hundreds of millions of public dollars are allocated to campuses each year in a bid to better promote student success, including that of poorer students and underrepresented minorities.

By design or otherwise, the State System of Higher Education board of governors did something else by its unanimous vote: It laid down a challenge to the state Legislature, whose members are nearing a historic decision about university aid in next year’s state budget.

There was no immediate comment from spokespeople for the Republican-led House and Senate, Jason Gottesman and Erica Clayton-Wright, respectively. State Senate minority leader Jay Costa, D-Forest Hills, said he believes the system has made the difficult choices and has earned the additional aid.

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