Kiosk conveniences at colleges

Ideas for implementing interactive self-service technology across campus

Self-service options exist everywhere today, and the campus is no exception.

From wayfinding to making appointments to payment transactions, students and others move through their busy days with the assistance of interactive electronic kiosks.

While there’s no dedicated higher ed group to turn to for strategizing about where and how to use this technology, administrators continue to experiment with kiosk placement and function, as well as with tracking use to maximize money spent.

Online exclusive: Providers on how colleges could better utilize kiosks

IT Strategist Richie Crim continually assesses where kiosks get the best ROI at his institution, Lord Fairfax Community College in Virginia.

Often interest will surge as a semester launches and then wane quickly, so he has worked to add additional features that students and visitors may need.

His campus has device-charging kiosks, and one idea is to station an iPad kiosk there so students can complete other transactions as they wait.

“As technologists, we need to reinvent the kiosk,” Crim says.

Click on the image for an infographic on popular places and functions for kiosks, kiosk hardware options, and case studies with ideas to consider.



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