Industry News: InsideTrack, Echo360, Banner 9, Daktronics and Acopia Harvest International


The Tseng College at California State University, Northridge has seen aggregate enrollment increase by 22 percent since partnering with InsideTrack. The company’s enrollment coaches have kept university leaders up to date while helping prospective students explore career options and navigate the enrollment process.

Roosevelt University’s College of Pharmacy (Ill.) is using the Echo360 video platform. Students can access class videos and tools that allow them to flag confusing parts of lectures, share questions with peers and professors, take time-synced notes, and respond to polls.

Bryant University (R.I.) has rolled out Banner 9 on-premise and will move the ERP solution to the cloud later this year. The cloud-based system will free up resources, and streamline technology and business processes. The university will use an Ellucian framework to integrate Banner with pre-existing systems.

The University of South Carolina and Daktronics will design and install a new 1,450 square-foot LED video display at the Founders Park collegiate baseball stadium later this year.

University College at Roger Williams University (R.I.) will create education and training programs on hydroponics with Acopia Harvest International, a member of Irving A. Backman & Associates, LLC. The programs will begin this summer.

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