How education research aims to tackle racism

Journals will explore systemic racism and how youth develop anti-racist attitudes

Racism and its impact on learning and youth development will become a major focus for a trio of leading education research organizations.

In 2021, new scholarship into racial diversity, equity and inclusion will be featured by the three journals published by the American Educational Research Association, the Society of Research on Adolescence, and the Society for Research in Child Development.

The announcement comes a day after President Donald Trump said that he would create a “1776 Commission” to promote a patriotic school curriculum that would be far less critical of America’s struggle with racism, The New York Times reported.

The way in which the mechanisms of racism and oppression impact education outcomes will be analyzed in a special section of the American Educational Research Association‘s open-access journal, Open and Education Researcher.

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The journal also will publish a special issue that explores “the potential of education for Black liberation.” This issue will address anti-Black racism in education research, policy, and practice, the organization said in a news release.

The Society of Research on Adolescence‘s journal will cover the impact of systemic racism on Black youth and other youth of color. Its researchers also intend to examine how whiteness is learned and how adolescents resist racism and other forms of oppression.

And the Society for Research in Child Development‘s journal will focus on policies and environments that allow children to develop anti-racist attitudes

“A problem as enormous and deeply entrenched as racism requires bold, multidimensional, and sustained collaboration,” said Shaun Harper, president of the American Educational Research Association. “This coalition poises us to do more with what we know as our organizations individually and collectively aim to dismantle racism in all its forms.”

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