How Colorado trustees are collectively advocating for public higher education

Colorado higher education is at a crossroads. For decades, funding for Colorado higher education has not kept pace with inflation, and at the same time, the state’s student body has become increasingly more diverse. Today’s students are older, working more or working while in school, raising families and often attending postsecondary education institutions part-time. There is an opportunity for institutions to continue to represent the interests of their respective student bodies, but there is also a collective power in aligning key stakeholders around the needs of the state’s talent pool and determining how resources can be best aligned to support lifelong learning opportunities for all Coloradans.

While much has been studied and written about college and university trustees and regents — and postsecondary governance — the role of higher education trustees as policy advocates is relatively new. Not new as an advocate for the institution they govern, but new as an advocate for the whole of public postsecondary education.

Colorado now has a growing chorus of voices in support of postsecondary education at the Capitol and beyond: the Colorado Trustee Network, a coalition of public college and university trustees who have come together—not on behalf of their own institution, but on behalf of students and public higher education, statewide.

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