Here are the deals NCAA athletes are signing on 1st day of new era for college sports

A new era in college athletics began on July 1st.

July 1st marked the first day college athletes are allowed to cash in on their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) without fear of repercussion from the NCAA, allowing them to make money from endorsements and sponsorships while retaining eligibility.

As a refresher: the Division I Board of Directors approved an interim NIL policy at its meeting on Wednesday, a reaction forced following pressure from a number of states signing NIL laws that came into effect on Thursday, July 1, and from a growing wave of activism from student-athletes — including Rutgers men’s basketball star Geo Baker — fighting for the right to make money off of their own names.

It is a seismic shift in the realm of college athletics, which had amateurism as a cornerstone since its inception. There are a number of athletes with deals in place within the first 10 hours of the new rules going in place.

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