Hashtag Highlight: #MyLiberalCampus

Hashtag was launched by College Republican National Committee

On April 22, College Republican National Committee chair Alex Smith appeared on a Fox News program to launch the #MyLiberalCampus hashtag campaign. In the same segment, an Eastern Connecticut State University student shared an audio recording of his creative writing professor saying that a Republican Senate win in 2014 would result in college closures, and that Republicans are racist and greedy.

The College Republicans (@CRNC) Twitter feed was used to spread the word, inviting examples of how campuses are “indoctrinated by liberal bias.” Activity spiked within hours, and an April 23 compilation of tweets on Twitchy generated at least 778 shares.

As of mid-May, #MyLiberalCampus had generated at least 2,875 tweets, including those about a school that may drop the word “man” from its fight song, a Republican club being prohibited from organizing a gun safety event, and a professor who told Tea Party followers to leave his classroom before he sent them home in a body bag.


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