Fleet management providers on making fleets and fleet management more efficient

What has been the biggest operational efficiency game changer in the last couple of years?

“Seasonal lease options have made a dramatic change to the efficiency of campus fleets. Colleges and universities are able to customize the number of vehicles and their lease terms based on their needs, which maximizes each vehicle’s use.”

Rick Bell, sales manager, Merchants Fleet Management Short-Term Leasing

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“Telematics [GPS tracking software]. Now fleet managers and fleet personnel can see where their vehicles are at all times, streamline dispatching, and track and keep up-to-date on all vehicle maintenance.

“Using telematics reduces much of the paperwork and phone calls traditionally associated with fleet operations, making campus fleets much more efficient than ever before.”

Ryan Driscoll, marketing director, GPS Insight

“The ability to do more with less.

“Budgets are limited, so the ability to know exactly where [workers are] at all times, how long they spend at a given [area on campus], and the amount of work tickets deployed across their mobile workforce allows them to be much more efficient in the manner in which they go about their days.

“They essentially can do more with less workers than ever before.”

—Chad Sallman, senior business development manager, Garmin

“One word: automation. Until recently, campus transportation needs have been handled either by scheduled shuttles or by on-demand services using human dispatch systems.

“But as on-demand services have skyrocketed in popularity, campus transportation providers can no longer rely on manual operations to manage their fleets and drivers.

“To meet rapidly increasing demand with efficiency, campuses now have the choice to automate the tasks associated with their on-demand transportation operations—from ride requests and dispatch to vehicle tracking and driver/rider notifications.”

—Daniel McGhee, director, sales west, RideCell

“The improvement of real-time information. Students have to be at different places on campus at just the right time, and missing a bus is not an option.

“Offering real-time tracking and visibility of those shuttles or buses moving around campus has been a significant game-changer to college students.

“With accurate ETAs down to the second and seeing vehicles live on a map, students don’t have to waste any time at bus stops or cut time out of their schedule to ensure that they don’t miss their mode of transportation.”

Madeline Moyer, customer success representative, DoubleMap

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