Midwestern liberal arts college taps Echo360

Ohio Northern University, a Midwestern college widely recognized for its excellent and rigorous academic programs, today announced the institution will make the award-winning Echo360 video platform available to instructors and students, improving the student learning experience while also reducing the administrative burden on university staff. The university’s adoption of this transformative video solution makes it much easier for faculty to encourage student engagement and gives students immediate, mobile-friendly access to course content and lectures.

“Video is a valuable tool for our faculty and students that helps support deeper engagement with course content. However, it previously took us hours each day to arrange classroom cameras properly, making it a cumbersome process that often made it difficult to ensure students had access to this critical content, quickly,” said Chandra Dunbar, Instructional Design Technologist at Ohio Northern University. “With Echo360, we can dramatically streamline video recording of course content, while also helping students and faculty manage and share video content.”

With the adoption of Echo360, Ohio Northern University faculty and administrators can now schedule the recording of lectures and other course content, streamlining a previously time-consuming administrative process. Faculty are able to record, edit, and share video content from within one platform, while also using the platform to solicit student questions and feedback during class.

Ohio Northern University selected Echo360 over other video capture companies due to the platform’s reliability and scheduling capabilities, available at an affordable cost.

“Video capture can be a valuable tool that creates better learning experiences for students while also providing instructors with a new channel to share course content. However, video recording needs to be an efficient, affordable process if institutions can be expected to integrate it into everyday life at their campuses,” said Chris Huff, Senior Vice President, Academic Partnerships at Echo360. “We’re excited to partner with forward-thinking institutions like Ohio Northern University to provide them with the tools they need to fully unlock the potential of their video initiatives to support instructors and engage students.”

Ohio Northern University students, administrators, and faculty now have access to the Echo360 platform.

About Echo360: Echo360 believes that improved outcomes start with great moments in the classroom. Developed by educators, Echo360 helps instructors record and extend those moments to improve learner engagement through accessible, engaging video-based learning. Through our smarter video platform, learners and instructors have 24/7 access to discussion of course material, presentation materials, and the lecture itself. We generate data that helps instructors, higher education institutions, and continuing education organizations proactively identify and pursue opportunities to improve learning outcomes. Today, Echo360 solutions reach more than two million learners at approximately 1,200 schools and organizations across North AmericaEurope, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.


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