Don’t tell students if their classmates get COVID, University of Delaware warns faculty (subscription)

The University of Delaware is warning its faculty not to tell students if their classmates get a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

The change in protocol, sent in an email on Wednesday reviewed by The Washington Post, comes as rising cases on campus resulted in the university’s special accommodations for those who have covid-19 filling up.

The email said that “if an instructor is notified by a student that the student has covid-19, the instructor may not tell the class that someone has tested positive for covid-19.”

Instead, the university said, professors should tell students that “given the current incidence of covid-19 on campus, we should assume that we may have contact with individuals who are shedding covid-19, perhaps unknowingly.” Students deemed to have been in close contact with a covid-positive person would be notified by the school’s health department, the email said.

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