Digital signage providers share more ideas for generating revenue

By: | Issue: November, 2017
October 11, 2017

In what ways could colleges use digital signage installations to generate revenue, and are there any roadblocks you have seen preventing them from doing so?

“Digital signage can engage students while providing an avenue for revenue. At the campus bookstore, digital technology can leverage analytics to trigger meaningful content. For example, if a student picks up a baseball cap on sale, a digital display above the item can recommend additional merchandise such as sweatpants or a t-shirt.”

—Richard Ventura, vice president of business development and solutions, NEC Display

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“Colleges have a highly prized demographic for today’s advertisers. Ads can be targeted to specific student groups at the right time, in the right place. This makes your digital signs prime real estate for vendors both on and off campus.

“Advertise on-site and area events, space availability for meetings and functions, and local businesses and products, as well as on-site revenue sources like cafés and bookstores. Special degree programs, certifications or programs like study-abroad can also be targeted.”

—Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager, Visix, Inc.

“Colleges can also use digital signage to generate revenue by providing local companies with an effective way to target the student body with advertising, especially during college football or basketball games.

“Signage technology can deliver pre-scheduled advertising campaigns over days or even weeks – it’s now down to the advertisers to get creative with the material.”

—Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity

Ray Bendici is deputy editor of UB.