Digital Acceleration in a Changing World: How Marymount University Broke Down Silos and Streamlined Operational Efficiency

The future of Higher Education institutions relies on leaders being able to make decisions quicker than ever before. But the challenge is when you are operating and analyzing trends across a handful of disparate solutions, where the data resides in silos.

To operate at peak efficiency – across human resources and payroll, manage financial transactions, while improving student experience and finding new ways of collaborating – is a common challenge at many institutions.

Join Marymount University in this webinar, to learn how they overcame these challenges, and streamlined operational efficiency in their HR, finance, and student operations with a single unified system to help drive business process optimization, gain valuable actionable insights, and make better strategic decisions for the future.

In this webinar we will explore:

                                                                                                                                                                          Sponsored by:

  • Empower faculty, staff, and executives through self-service
  • Easily configure the system for your specific business needs
  • Make better decisions with planning, executing, and analyzing data
  • Streamlining reporting and workflows
  • Improve student and faculty experience with one unified system


Robin Whitfield
Chief Financial Officer
Marymount University

Carl Whitman
Chief Information Officer
Marymount University

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