College players advocacy group raises concerns over Ohio’s name, image, likeness legislation proposal

Ramogi Huma, the executive director of the National College Players Association, a players’ rights advocacy group, raised concerns that Ohio’s proposed name, image and likeness legislation could allow schools to limit endorsement opportunities for athletes.

The bill, which was introduced Monday by Niraj Antani, a Republican state senator from Miamisburg, prohibits athletes from signing deals that conflict with agreements held by their schools.

Other state NIL laws include similar provisions, but they largely restrict conflicting sponsorship during competition, practices and other official team activities. The intent of such restrictions is to avoid instances in which a quarterback at a Nike-sponsored school wears Adidas apparel during nationally televised games.

Ohio’s proposal prevents players from endorsements that conflict with a school’s sponsorship during team activities or “any other time,” as outlined in the text of the bill.

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