President moves: Administrators prove popular picks as next leader on the job

Three college administrators—including one president—will be coordinating goodbye parties at their current institutions as they prepare to move on to bigger opportunities elsewhere. 

President’s corner: Dr. Larry Johnson on leading one of the nation’s most successful community colleges

The U.S. Department of Education recently found that the CUNY college had the fourth-highest transfer-out rate for Title IV students in the nation; 55% ultimately earned bachelor's degrees within eight years, compared to the country's 13% average.

President moves: 2 leaders entrusted with restoring harmony

At least six four-year institutions have hired a president in the past two weeks. Among them, two are walking into rough waters as each institution endures a year of upheaval and controversy. 

President’s corner: How John Nicklow keeps ‘Florida’s STEM University’ nimble in changing times

"A strategic plan is somewhat useless today," Florida Institute of Technology President John Nicklow says. "Our industry partners are changing rapidly, so our plan better as well."

President moves: 2 decade-plus leaders step back after a job well done

Plus, one former policy leader walks into D.C.'s American University following a highly accomplished tenure at James Madison University.

President’s corner: Is Marcus Thompson the perfect leader to restore JSU’s reputation?

Amid Jackson's continuing water crisis and its premier university's revolving door of former leaders, first-time President Marcus Thompson wants everyone to know he's here for the long haul.

President moves: Retiring leaders shine as they conclude 10+ years of service

The majority of the college leaders transitioning in or out of the president position in the past two weeks have demonstrated excellence in one of higher education's top executive positions.

President’s corner: President Elizabeth Davis crunches the numbers on new molds of student support

In the business of running a liberal arts school like Furman University, the most cherished metric to study success is student satisfaction. For President Elizabeth Davis, the key is a strategic plan agile enough to adjust to student interest and leveraging a dedicated team ready to adapt to new needs. 

President moves: New hires abound, 1 retires following a 20-year stint

A higher ed leader heavyweight steps into her mother's alma mater. While a 20-year presidential tenure is one to celebrate, one decade-old stint is souring following academic cuts.

President’s corner: Katherine Frank, the “curator” of today’s most innovative cross-sector partnerships

"We're fools if we think that the educational pipeline is going to look the same as it did when we went through school and 10, 15, 20 years from now," says Katherine Frank, chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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