President moves: One U.S. Rep, one alumna make for big-time hires

Some college boards are choosing unconventional candidates for the president position to grant it a fresh pair of eyes and a bold new direction. 

President’s corner: Cynthia Teniente-Matson roots SJSU downtown to secure its future

As the city of San Jose and its flagship university embrace new economic and market challenges, President Teniente-Matson is focused on integrating the two so they mutually thrive.

President moves: Leaders cross state lines for new opportunities; 1 steps down

Whether the president of a state system or a college within, leaders across the country have shifted their focus to new opportunities, sometimes crossing state lines.

President’s corner: How Carrie Hauser spearheads the region’s workforce needs at Colorado Mountain College

Intertwined with this Colorado region's wealthy ski resort economy is Colorado Mountain College. How can President Carrie Hauser support local rural students against Aspen's exorbitant property value?

President moves: Shake-up in Louisiana moves two leaders. This Virginian leaves the West Coast

Two University of Louisiana System leaders have changed the state's dynamic in the past two weeks as they pursue new opportunities within the state's framework, which has drawn some pushback.

President’s corner: A lesson in humility for first-time president Thomas Burns of York College

First-time president Thomas Burns, nearly four months into his tenure, has developed his nascent leadership style into one that prioritizes humility and open ears.

President moves: Recent spate of leaders to announce retirement boast impressive résumés

In the last two weeks in higher education, presidents who decided to step down are doing so on sound footing. 

President’s corner: Urgency for David Wippman as he shares his last dance at Hamilton College

President David Wippman is looking to get Hamilton College's house in order before his successor, and he believes it's his "responsibility" to make one last plea to the public on the importance of higher education.

President moves: Milestone hires and dramatic exits start off the month

Kim Mooney is Franklin Pierce University's first alumna and woman to become president. The same goes for another HBCU alumnus leader.

Presidents corner: How can courage breathe new life into a classic liberal arts education?

Middlebury College President Laurie Patton is helping boldly steer her institution into a new era, embedding in its blueprint of academic excellence a commitment to data literacy, environmental literacy, cross-cultural exchange and conflict transformation. 

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