Boston University announces largest tuition increase in 14 years

BU is not the only area college to see tuition hikes. UMass announced increases last month after a two-year tuition freeze.

Boston University will raise its tuition by 4.25% next year, its largest increase in 14 years, bringing the cost of the school up to $61,050 per year for undergraduate students.

Last year, the school raised tuition 3%. University President Robert Brown cited high inflation rates as the cause of the high increase in a letter to staff on Friday.

“This increase does not keep pace with the current national rate of inflation and cannot fully offset the increased costs of University operations or fund salary increases that would fully mitigate the effects of inflation on the families of faculty and staff. I also am mindful that our students and their families are affected by our increases and by inflation,” Brown wrote. “We are caught in an inflationary vise between the institutional pressures and the impact on our students and their families.”

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