Nancy Mann Jackson

Course catalog management providers on challenges faced by colleges

Vendors answer this question: What aspects of academic course catalog management do you see colleges struggling with, particularly in terms of adopting current best practices or understanding the importance of this area?

4 ways to advance academic course catalogs

Most colleges offer an online version of the course catalog—but many aren’t taking advantage of the connectivity and smart technology available. Here are actions to advance the academic catalog.

2 big ways campus offices are collaborating in the name of student success

Enterprise technology and a shifting culture promote information sharing about student success across campus

AV classroom and academic building project pitfalls

How tech administrators recover when AV installations don’t go as planned

Remote internships: Planning for and supporting students

Campus administrators who have coordinated successful virtual internships suggest these six steps for making them work.

College transcripts transformed

Every week at the University of Washington in Seattle, the registrar’s office staff comes across at least three fraudulent diplomas. Every month, they uncover...

5 common steps to blockchain transcripts

Higher ed institution administrators interested in blockchain transcripts should consider these five common steps to making the transition. LINK TO MAIN ARTICLE: College transcripts transformed Nancy Mann Jackson is...

Beyond blockchain 

Besides exploring new ways to speed up the process and validity of providing transcripts, the registrar’s office has another movement afoot—including documented behavioral issues...

Colleges teach students first-class finance

Every semester, hundreds of freshmen at Champlain College in Vermont gather in a campus meeting room to play the “Game of Life.” It’s not...

United we learn

As colleges and universities find new ways to partner with each other to improve services and reduce costs, the idea of sharing an LMS...

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