Administrator punch list

Creating learning labs on construction sites
  • Hire the construction team early to allow students to learn during both the planning and building phases.
  • Choose partners who embrace  hands-on learning for students, and welcome faculty collaboration and student tours.
  • Write an education agreement between the institution and the general contractor that identifies expectations on both sides, spelling out the purpose and goals for each learning opportunity.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of student interns and draft a plan to support them.
  • Create roles that allow students to learn and grow, make mistakes, and take on more responsibility if they demonstrate the capacity for it.
  • Require construction company representatives to provide safety training for students and faculty.

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  • Have any student or faculty member stepping onto the construction site sign a liability waiver.
  • Require that someone who is on site daily be part of all site tours.
  • Prepare students before site tours about what they will see, such as by providing and discussing a list of construction terminology.
  • Have students record what they saw during tours and write thank-you notes to tour guides.
  • Keep designated students in the loop on progress so they can answer any stakeholder questions.
  • Require student attendance at construction meetings or construction site visits.
  • Give students some soft-skills guidelines on their communications with project teams.

Theresa Sullivan Barger is a Connecticut-based writer.


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