A blueprint for college-industry partnership success

Check out the three separate levels of industry-aligned partnerships
By: | Issue: November, 2016
October 21, 2016

There is no one-size-fits-all partnership between the community college and industry. Arrangements can range from brief partnerships that fill immediate hiring needs to long-term strategic relationships that provide ongoing training and development for current and future employees.

The Industry Workforce Needs Coalition, a national network of businesses striving to increase the number of skilled workers, outlines three separate levels of industry-aligned partnerships:

Level 1: New relationships

Colleges and companies partner for mentoring, professional development, and career and education navigation.

Level 2: Working relationship

Partnerships emphasize work experience programs such as internships and co-ops; externships for professors and instructors; and in-kind resources, including space, materials and professional expertise.

Level 3: Strategic relationship

This “all in” approach pairs colleges and companies to provide accredited corporate training, prior-learning assessments of employees, additional public/private partnerships, curriculum development and industry credentials.

The coalition’s blueprint for establishing and maintaining successful industry-aligned partnerships is available at UBmag.me/industry.