11-year-old Valley boy defies odds, heads to college next year

At just 11 years old, calculus homework is no match for Monty Hernandez.

While other kids his age are hoping to make the middle school basketball team, Monty is preparing to enter his freshman year of college. “It’s very important to study because without studying you won’t make it far,” said Monty.

Monty studies a lot. Whether in the car or in the stands of his sister’s softball game, the Mensa society member puts in the work morning and night. “I didn’t have any idea that at 9 years old, he’d ace a high school chemistry class,” said Danielle Hernandez, Monty’s mom.

Danielle says it’s been quite the journey for her son. He didn’t speak until he was four, was diagnosed with autism, and began his schooling in special education.

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