The Johns Hopkins University Deploys Huron Consulting Group’s Click Portal Software to Manage All Research Agreements

Huron Consulting Group, a provider of business consulting services, today announced that The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has implemented a new research agreement tracking system employing the Company’s collaborative Click™ Portal software.

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Donor Giving Strong

An Atlas of Giving report reveals that the education sector was the strongest for charitable giving in 2011. The sector received $54.30 billion in 2011, an increase of 9.8 percent over 2010 when donors gave $49.44 billion. Education still falls in second place to religious charities, with education accounting for 16 percent of total giving in 2011 and religion at 36 percent.

Liberal Studies?

College campuses have long been accused of being bastions of liberal thought. But the most recent Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) survey of the nation’s entering students at four-year colleges and universities shows that current freshmen, at least, are arriving on campus with their own more liberal beliefs than previous classes. “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2011” shares findings that students are more accepting of everything from same-sex marriages to affirmative action.

Character Studies

Everyone remembers the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones, with his iconic Fedora and bullwhip, narrowly escapes from a Peruvian temple with a stolen golden idol, avoiding the path of a rolling boulder and a band of arrow-wielding Hovitos tribesmen. In the next scene, we see Dr. Jones home again, teaching an archaeology class at “Marshall College.” He stands before the class in a bowtie and glasses (which, oddly, he doesn’t seem to need for the rest of the film). 

Michigan State U President Lou Anna K. Simon: Diminished Federal Funding For FRIB Will Increase Project's Duration, Costs

Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon voiced disappointment in proposed funding for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) that is substantially less than previously planned, saying it will extend the duration and cost of the project.

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Former U Of North Dakota Professor Accused Of 'Manipulating' Research Data

A cancer researcher with ties to the UND School of Medicine was the subject of a CBS “60 Minutes” report called “Deception at Duke.”

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Rutgers President McCormick Says University Would Not Give Up Camden Campus If Given A Choice

As dozens of Rutgers-Camden students protested a recommended merger with Rowan University outside the Statehouse, Rutgers President Richard McCormick today said the proposal is not the only way the state can improve access to higher education and intensify research in South Jersey.

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Thomson Reuters Partners with Ohio State University to Develop and Launch Campus-Wide Platform for Managing and Measuring Scholarly Activities

Thomson Reuters and Ohio State University have teamed to introduce Research In View™: a campus-wide system for collecting, assessing and managing scholarly activity data using key performance metrics.

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