Why a university launched Spanish-language webpages

Pages provide information to help DREAMers navigate the admissions and financial aid processes

Marquette University has launched Spanish language pages on its website to better connect with current and prospective Hispanic students and their families in their native language.

The Milwaukee-based university, which is working to become a Hispanic-serving institution, has added webpages in Spanish that cover admissions, financial aid, academic programs, student life, and mission and ministry, among other topics.

The pages also provide contact information for university staff who speak Spanish and offer information to help DREAMers navigate the admissions and financial aid processes.

“These resources will engage with prospective students and families in the process of choosing a college,” said Jacqueline Black, Marquette’s associate director of Hispanic Initiatives. “Our intention is to welcome those families into this process and provide a space that empowers them to be actively involved.”

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Marquette’s Hispanic/Latinx student population has more than doubled over the last decade, reaching 15% of the undergraduate population and a record 16.5% of the first-year class in fall 2020.

In addition to prospective student information, resources for the community are available, including Marquette’s centers and clinics that offer Spanish-speaking services.

“Our Spanish language pages are a reflection of the university’s commitment to being more responsive to an increasingly diverse student body,” Black said.

Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick
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