Which college presidents published the most op-eds in 2014?

Leaders tackle big-picture pieces and hot-button issues
By: | Issue: March, 2015
February 23, 2015

There were big-picture pieces on race relations, immigration, climate change, incarceration, veterans, gender issues and the proliferation of firearms.

And there were hot-button campus issues such as sexual assaults, alcohol, college access, free speech, college cost and debt, emotionally unstable students, and abuses in sports programs.

In all, college and university presidents had nearly 600 op-ed pieces published in print and online in 2014, according to Roland King of Maryland-based PhairAdvantage Communications, a firm that handles communications for higher ed institutions.

King tracked and analyzed the articles, which were written by a total of more than 200 college and university CEOs and system heads. The full analysis can be found at http://ubmag.me/presopeds