Valparaiso University responds to AG’s concern China is ‘infiltrating’ Indiana schools

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced Tuesday his office is launching a civil investigation into Valparaiso University and Chinese cultural institution the Confucius Institute over fears the relationship between the two is promoting communist propaganda in Indiana.

The attorney general’s office declined to tell IndyStar what specific evidence it has supporting the insinuation that Beijing is attempting to brainwash Hoosiers through the Valparaiso University-Confucius Institute relationship, which partially relies on funds from the Chinese government. “We are not able to comment on the specifics of an ongoing investigation,” a spokesperson said.

“The societal and political cost of the Chinese Communist Party infiltrating our universities and K-12 education institutes to indoctrinate our students is incalculable,” the spokesperson said, when asked how much this investigation will cost taxpayers in Indiana. “Comparatively, the cost of our investigation is minimal, but will depend upon the details of the investigation.”

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