University of California regents approve rare tuition hike

Despite opposition from student groups, University of California regents on Thursday approved a multiyear plan to raise tuition and fees at one of the nation’s premier public university systems.

The systemwide tuition increase will put undergraduate tuition and systemwide fees at just over $13,000 a year for in-state students, with additional campus-based fees on top of that.

Officials said that the increase — the first since 2017 — includes a progressive strategy that will benefit most students through higher financial aid. But low-income students who spoke at Thursday’s meeting said they feared the opposite, as regents and officials acknowledged their discomfort at raising the cost to attend a public university.

“We all acknowledge that increasing tuition is not an action to be taken lightly. But this is the best option we have to provide cost predictability, enhanced student support, and preserve the excellence of the university,” said UC President Michael Drake.

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