Faculty—not just students—are stressed out and considering leaving, per survey

Students' sustained mental health issues, among other job pressures, are feeding faculty and staff stress and anxiety, according to TimelyCare. 

These 2 edtech companies are dominating the digital mental health space

Call it being in the right place at the right time. Through a series of partnerships, acquisitions and impressive capital growth, TimelyCare and Uwill have emerged as the clear-cut favorites to provide teletherapy solutions across college campuses nationwide.

Student affairs leaders get real on counseling after COVID

In a panel hosted by TimelyCare, two student affairs leaders explain how they remain invigorated to help students despite the professional and logistical challenges that higher education has faced in the last three years. 

3 ways cooperative purchasing agreements support student success

Student affairs leaders who proactively partner with their procurement teams save time, save money, and create capacity for other strategic priorities.

How two wellness providers are broadening the menu of mental health care services for students

Allowing stressed students to regulate themselves and, in some cases, utilize their smartphones to assess their own issues has encouraged even those who have not seen a healthcare provider in months to partake of the self-care services.

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