Northwestern president defends his leadership in new antisemitism hearing

Northwestern President Michael Schill deferred, denied and even outright refused to answer questions, making the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce's third hearing on campus antisemitism the most confrontational yet.

CU Boulder Chancellor DiStefano: Lessons learned from 50 years in higher ed

There is value in taking the long view. Although academia has plenty of valid causes for concern, I also believe the next generation of university leaders has many reasons for optimism.

President’s corner: Why Ed Feasel values cultivating global citizens at Soka University

With Soka University of America about to graduate its 20th class, it's ready to become a model for other institutions, says founding faculty member and second president Ed Feasel.

The 3 presidents facing faculty backlash for stamping out protests

As presidents ratchet up their measures to snuff campus protests, utilizing law enforcement and threats of suspension and arrest, faculty are increasingly becoming more disdainful toward their institutional leadership. 

President’s corner: Why Mary Dana Hinton leads with her heart in today’s unrest

"It's at this moment when you're called to lead. It's hard and exhausting, but it's also an energizing moment," the Hollins University president says. "We can change the trajectory of our students' lives, our institutions' lives and this nation's future."

President moves: Administrators prove popular picks as next leader on the job

Three college administrators—including one president—will be coordinating goodbye parties at their current institutions as they prepare to move on to bigger opportunities elsewhere. 

President moves: 2 leaders entrusted with restoring harmony

At least six four-year institutions have hired a president in the past two weeks. Among them, two are walking into rough waters as each institution endures a year of upheaval and controversy. 

President’s corner: How John Nicklow keeps ‘Florida’s STEM University’ nimble in changing times

"A strategic plan is somewhat useless today," Florida Institute of Technology President John Nicklow says. "Our industry partners are changing rapidly, so our plan better as well."

President moves: 2 decade-plus leaders step back after a job well done

Plus, one former policy leader walks into D.C.'s American University following a highly accomplished tenure at James Madison University.

President’s corner: Is Marcus Thompson the perfect leader to restore JSU’s reputation?

Amid Jackson's continuing water crisis and its premier university's revolving door of former leaders, first-time President Marcus Thompson wants everyone to know he's here for the long haul.

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